Injection moulding

Production cells do not require a human presence

The best price together with the highest quality can only be achieve with fully automated production, from the smallest to the largest series.


Series in quantities ranging from 10 to 100,000 parts/year.
Also closed projects of 100K to 1,000K and more.


Shot weight from 0.5 cm³ to approx. 320 cm³.


  • Processing of both common plastics (PE, PP, PS, ABS, Pa6 ,Pa6.6 , TPE, PC, POM, etc.) and
  • high-tech materials (PEI, PPS, PEEK, etc.).
  • Silicone and thermosetting polymers are not processed.
  • Available dryers: dry air, warm air and vacuum.
  • Mould temperature: 20-200°C.
  • Direct recycling of runners, no regenerate.
  • Some 400 different materials in stock.
  • If the client provides the material, please also provide the certificate of analysis (COA).


  • Thin-wall moulding.
  • IML
  • Cosmetic parts.
  • Clean production.
  • 2K by transfer moulding.
  • Overmoulding of almost everything; turned parts, tubes, sheet metal, filter fabric, contactpins or blades, electrical cords and cables, gaskets or films
  • Gas injection

All tools are monitored by a maintenance management system, there are no restrictions on lifetime or output

Discounts for large orders

Quick-Tool-Change: set-up times are between 15’ and 30’

Fully-automated production 24/7