Quality assurance & ISO

Ensuring that all steps are performed according to specifications

Quality means fulfilling customers’ wishes from the initial idea to the delivery of the last part.

DIN & ISO 9001: 2015 certified for:

  • Engineering & development
  • Toolmaking
  • Injection moulding
  • Download ISO 9001 certificate

Part approval:

Initial sample report according to PPAP.
All requirements are carefully measured and verified, regardless of the size of the order.

Measuring possibilities

  • Optical
  • CMM
  • < 0.010 mm
  • Reverse engineering
  • 2.5 D scanning

Testing & verification possibilities

Certain required functions cannot be monitored by dimensional control, e.g. thermal stability or deformation under load. These properties can also be checked.

Typical PPM

In 2016, the overall PPM was > 500, and for Automotive 0 PPM

Full traceability

Every process step is performed at QuickTools. As a result, we have a full and clear overview of the progress of the process from beginning to end.


(Registration, evaluation & authorisation of chemical substances) All of our deliveries are compliant with Reach regulations.


At QuickTools, energy and material use are reduced to the lowest limits possible:

  • All injection presses are monitored to ensure a minimal use of energy. We use direct recycling to operate a zero-waste process.
  • The tool room core machines consume only a few hundred watts to light the laser source, and we hardly have any chip waste because forming elements are added up.
  • We are proud to be able to look back on many years of business without any goods being returned.