Project management & co-development

Focus on the customer’s success

Project management

The same project manager will be on hand to assist you every step of the way, from start to approval.
All your demands and wishes are systematically checked. Our customers deserve more and better!


A product is only as good as its design: state of the art design is required to ensure that all demands meet physical possibilities.
QuickTools has its own engineering department with over 50 years of experience and thousands of successfully executed projects.
Every part will be checked using sophisticated engineering manuals, and we will make proposals wherever optimisations are possible.
We always perform a mould flow.
FEM calculations are done in case of complex mechanical loads.

Resident engineering

Imagine how much time and money can be saved if your supplier is present at your development centre. We offer on-site CAD support, tool design, mould flow & cost calculation!

3D modelling

The 3D models are parametrically designed and can be modified easily and cheaply.


Once a design has been finalised, a prototype (STL, SLS, etc.) is used for validation.

Research & development

Our R&D department is equipped to conduct stress & strain, drop, endurance and climatological tests. For specialised tasks, we work with dedicated research labs.

Why are plastic parts among the most difficult components to develop?

There are over 100,000 different plastics.
Parts can have numerous functions in ever more specific areas.
Materials have changing properties because they are subject to creep and temperature fluctuations.

Why do the tools need to be designed and built to the highest standards?

In every cycle, the mould is closed with forces ranging between 50 to 150 tons.