Your benefits

The only way to achieve an optimal result with record turnaround times is through excellent know-how and process management.


  • Our products come with an exclusive and free bonus: TIME
  • Much faster time-to-market than the competition.
  • Our clients never end up in need of time.
  • Your project team can work very efficiently: there are no waiting times between frozen design, FOT and approval.
  • Your competitor will need years to achieve multiple design loops and generations, whilst QuickTools can do this in weeks or even days.
  • One-stop shop: development + mouldmaker + serial production, all in-house: very fast learning curves.
  • Possibility of a very steep ramp-up.

8- to 16-cavity tools are usually built for larger volumes. However, they only become available for production after 6 to 9 months.

On the other hand, QuickTools can build 4-cavity moulds which can enter production after a few weeks.


  • The moulds are produced in a fully-automated manner and with a very narrow error margin.
  • Small serial productions with the quality of mass production.
  • QuickTools is known for setting the quality standard in its pre-series, and maintains that standard at all later stages.


  • Projects completed in 1 week are simply several times cheaper than those that are completed in 5 to 8 weeks.
  • The quoted prices are all inclusive according to the specifications
    • No additional fee for a mould flow.
    • Multiple material tests can be conducted during the same trial injection.
    • No update or debugging costs.
    • Pre-determined alternative executions or tests can be carried out as part of the same try-out.
    • No storage costs.
    • No maintenance costs.
  • In case of:
    • Unknown or changing demands.
    • Market still in flux.
    • Volumes subject to change.
    • Unknown lifetime of project.
    • Changing legislation.

You will encounter major difficulties in a conventional environment, whereas Quicktools is able to easily handle such events.

Upgrades (advanced notification)

It is possible to expand a single cavity mould into a 2- or 4-cavity mould. This enables quick start-up, limits risks and costs for changes, and the parts remain at a price that is competitive compared to mass production.