How to work with QuickTools: Quick start

All inquiries and projects are answered and carried out under the strictest confidentiality.
We sign your NDA upon receipt. Send it to us and we will sign & return it.

Regular inquiries

When final data is available.
Send your request via e-mail or FTP server, with the following information:

  • The number of parts per year and the lifetime.
  • Desired material, colour and surface quality.
  • Any other specific demands.

All files can be read, although we prefer ‘.x_t’(parasolid).

STL data cannot be used as it is an obsolete format.

Prior to providing a quote, QuickTools will conduct the following analysis:

  • Feasibility study
  • Mould layout and parting lines
  • Mould flow analysis

Please provide QuickTools with the following information:

  • Use of the part: assembly with mating parts.
  • 2D drawing with tolerances and measuring information.
  • Valid standards and scope statements.
  • Send a reference part if available: predecessor, sibling or prototype.


Cost reduction: If you add a model without smoothing radii to your final drawing, a discount will be calculated for R&D costs.

A bright Idea

In the event that you have an idea that has not been fully developed, it is possible to arrange a meeting over the phone or during a visit. Quotes include a design & engineering section that can be ordered separately.


We will reply with a detailed price offer. If you want an alternative quote (more cavities, other materials), do not hesitate to ask for a recalculation. If our analysis generates warnings, we will ask you for permission to modify the quote before sending it to you.


It is common practice to send prototypes for the purpose of verifying the design and making possible optimisations. We can provide this service.

Mating parts

It is recommended to provide the physical mating parts at the start of the project; this ensures that we are able to gain a full understanding of the product. Functionality is reviewed from the prototype phase, ensuring that there is no doubt regarding FOT and that you receive ready-to-use parts.


You can mail your order to Depending on the turnaround time, you may also receive a progress report.