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QuickTools produces 150 moulds every year. In peak years, the number can increase to as many as 300 moulds. These tools are exclusively used in our own injection moulding facility, where an unlimited lifetime is guaranteed.


Our tool room uses high-end metal adding and metal cutting machines.

Properties of 3D-printed tools

  • Almost no manual work is required, and thus human errors are drastically reduced.
  • The part is an exact copy of the 3D file.
  • Even the most difficult geometries can be produced overnight.
  • High speed: the typical processing time is just a few days.
  • Precision is within 20┬Ám.
  • Surface roughness: demoulding polish, textures or high gloss, the choice is yours
  • Excellent cooling, conformal cooling if needed, free of charge
  • Parts with a length up to 1m
  • Hotrunners if technically required
  • Unlimited lifetime or output
  • Lifters, sliders and other functions available off the shelf
  • Quality tools like ours are often composed of multiple inserts to enable easy measurement, maintenance or even replacement
  • Tools expandable from single to multiple cavities


The tool cost is all-in for parts according to specifications. No extra costs for T1, T2 etc. or additional costs for shipping and so on. Please note that A.M. is based on size and not geometry.

Advantages of digital tools

  1. High precision, no tolerance drift.
  2. Stable production without machine stoppages.
  3. Maintenance-friendly and very robust.
  4. Very high Cpk values are obtained.
  5. Quickly available.
  6. Interesting price.

About modifications

All techniques available with conventional tooling can be used. Thanks to the modularity of the tools, it is often easier to just exchange an insert.